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What to ask a mesothelioma lawyer on Asbestos Case

If this is your first time of sitting down to discuss your potential asbestos-mesothelioma case with an attorney, this article contains what to ask a mesothelioma lawyer on Asbestos Case, things to expect from an asbestos attorney to be sure of your case is in the right hands.

Mesothelioma is always linked to an asbestos exposure, so if you happened to be diagnosed with mesothelioma or any asbestos related diseases, an asbestos attorney will be willing to consider your case without initial medical exam. But despite this, I strongly recommend you make sure to get clear answers on all additional steps you need to take including when your potential case can be reviewed again. In addition, a state law called the statute of limitations is also a factor that’ll determine the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit. You can ask your attorney what he will do if that deadline is close.

Another thing to ask a mesothelioma attorney is if the exposure occurred in a different state from where you now live, can the attorney be able to sue defendants in the exposure state, or can the case be referred to another attorney who does practice in that state.

How much is mesothelioma Attorney’s Fees and case costs?

Almost all Asbestos cases are customarily charged on a contingency fee basis which means that the attorney will take a percentage of whatever you recover via court judgment and not by billing you by the hour. For most attorneys, 33 percent is a standard contingency fee but before signing a fee contract with an asbestos attorney, be sure you understand how the attorney’s fees are calculated.

What to ask a mesothelioma lawyer on Asbestos Case

What to ask a mesothelioma lawyer on Asbestos Case

1. Is the contingency fee deducted from the settlement before or after costs are paid out of it?

2. Does the percentage go up when the case is assigned a trial date or if an appeal is involved?

3. What are costs likely to be, and when are they going to be incurred?

4. Are you liable for any of the costs if there is no settlement?

What should I do about the timeline of an Asbestos case?

For many claimants, how long the asbestos case will take is the first point of worry especially if they’re very ill. You have right to inquire from your attorney if the court where has a process for fast tracking your case. regardless of your health status, you should ask some other questions about timing.

1. How long will it be before your case is filed?
2. How long will the case be active before the court sets a trial date, and how far out is the trial date likely to be?
3. When are you likely to be asked to give a deposition?
4. What are other important events that affect the length of the case?

Asbestos settlement questions to ask mesothelioma lawyer

A good asbestos attorney will probably not estimate the dollar value of your potential claim because the size of the settlement you can receive depends on a number of factors like how serious your illness is, how and when you were exposed to asbestos, whether the defendant is solvent or bankrupt and how much your illness has affected you financially.

But, you can ask your attorney the kind of companies you are likely to be making claims against. It is true that a large number of defendants doesn’t guarantee larger settlements but having the knowledge of the size of the case will give you a picture of how involved it is likely to be.

How to build a good relationship between Asbestos Attorney and Client

For any lawsuit to work well, both the client and attorney needs to be able to trust each other. When you don’t understand something the attorney has said to you in answer to any of your questions, ask again. Also try to ask about the other people in the office which you are likely to be interacting with during your case.

Additional Tips

Although you are hiring a lawyer, having a successful lawsuit requires some participation on your part so be sure to ask what your obligations as a client will be.


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