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How to use orange peels for weight loss

Maybe you’re asking if orange peels can help you lose weight? Well in this article, I will show you how to use orange peels for weight loss, the health benefits of orange peels.

The Health benefits of orange

1. Have anti-obesity properties.
2. They are rich in dietary fibre and improve digestion.
3. Taking herbal orange tea everyday may help you burn fat.

Orange are juicy fruits that are enjoyed around the world in many ways either by eating it raw or juicing it. Whether you take them with some greens or a glass of fresh juice at breakfast in the morning, orange juice is always simply delicious. But outside being that, oranges are filled with nutrients such as vitamin C, which is great for skin, they’re also good for boosting the immune system, maintaining the blood sugar levels and blood pressure and also may help control cholesterol. While the benefits of the fruit maybe well known, not many people know that orange peels can be used for weight lose.

How to use orange peels for weight loss

Orange Peel For Weight Loss

There many reasons to stop throwing away orange peels outside being used for weight lose. Orange peel powder is commonly used in beauty treatments and as an ingredient in face packs. Orange peels are known to have some health benefits which make them good for weight loss.

How to use orange peels for weight loss

Health benefits of orange peel

1. Full of fibre
2. Fat burn
3. Fights inflammation
4. Treats constipation
5. Regulates sugar level

Full of fibre

Orange peels are very rich in fibre, which makes it a great supplement for the anyone looking to lose weight. Fibre is very essential for satiety and also boosts digestion.

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Promotes fat burn

Just like the pulp, orange peels are rich in vitamin C, which helps to promote fat burn and according to research, the peel extracts have anti-obesity properties.

Fights inflammation and allergies

The peels of orange may boost the release of histamine, which causes allergic reactions in the body. It can also act as an anti inflammatory agent , due to the presence of flavonoid compounds in it.

Orange Peels For Weight Loss: Orange outer skin helps improve metabolism and digestion.

Fights constipation

Orange peels contain some non soluble polysaccharides like pectin which helps to prevent constipation and boost human digestive system by preventing acidity and heart burn. Having a healthy digestive system helps for effective weight loss.

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Regulates blood sugar levels

The back of orange may help to maintain your levels of blood sugar, which is credited to the presence of pectin.

How can I use orange peels for weight loss?

Consuming orange peels is one of the best ways to maintain weight loss especially when used as herbal tea. All the recipes you need to make this tea is just orange peels and water. Either fresh orange peels or dried orange peels.

How to make orange peels for weight loss

1. Add 1 teaspoon of grounded orange peels in some water and let it brew for some time.
2. When the water boil, off the flame and cover the utensil and let the peels steep for about 10 minutes.
3. Then Filter the water into a cup and your orange peel tea is ready.
4. You can add some spices like cinnamon or sweeteners like honey to enhance the taste.
5. Ensure you wash the orange peels very well before you use them to make the tea.
6. You may even make this tea in bulk and refrigerate it for use over two days.

You can also decide to add orange peel powder to your smoothies and milkshakes or mix the orange peel powder with powdered sugar and sprinkle it over home-baked cookies.


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