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How to use Akpi seed for hip enlargement

In this article, I will be explaining how to use Akpi seed for hip enlargement, butt enlargement supplement and breast enlargement supplement and how it must be properly mixed for it to be effective. Akpi seed is natural and no known side effect to the body.

FAQ on akpi seed

1. How do I use akpi seed for buttocks enlargement?
2. Akpi seed for breast enlargement
3. akpi seed for breast firming

Recipes For Making Akpi Seed For Hip Enlargement

1. Enough quantity of Akpi seed (Djansang)
2. One tablespoon of Maca powder
3. Table spoon of Fenugreek powder/seed
4. 15 milileter of Vitamin E oil
5. 50ml Organic olive oil

How to use Akpi seed for hip enlargement

How to make akpi seed for hip enlargement

1. Grind the Akpi seed and Fenugreek seed differently and set aside in a bowl or cup
2. Then mix an organic extra virgin olive oil and vitamin E oil together.
3. After that, add your fenugreek powder, maca powder and the blended Akpi seed.
4. And boil the mixtures very well so the powders will mix well or just Stir all well and keep in a dark place for a week or two. You can use with the oil or not.

Akpi seed can be used for both breast enlargement as it makes breast firm and perky.

Does Akpi seed make buttocks big?

Akpi seed boosts the release of Oestrogen and progesterone hormones which are responsible for the growth and enlargement of the feminine contours. When mixed with a mixture of fenugreek seed, akpi seed will boost and cause the release of hormones which will make your butt, hip and breasts to grow or enlarge.

How to use Akpi seed for butt enlargement

Massage your hips or buttocks from down to the top of your butt and hips and also the breasts but be gentle with your breasts.


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