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How to know a relationship is one sided

As humans, we embark on romantic relationships simply because of intimacy, companionship and mutual support. When you’re in a healthy relationship, you might want to turn to your partner for comfort and guidance when something comes up that you can’t handle alone but what happens when he/she constantly denies you assistance and other supports that you may need? Well, we’re about to see how to know a relationship is one sided.

No relationships can survive without balance. You might be having an imbalance relationship where only you or one partner regularly provides most of the financial or emotional support needed in the relationship.

It’s heart breaking to put every effort into showing up for a partner who doesn’t seem to have a similar investment in the relationship.

How to know a relationship is one sided

How to know a relationship is one sided

1. You always abandon your plans fit into theirs
2. You always feel nervous when using words like relationship, boyfriend/girlfriend.
3. You always give in to their suppressed level of intimacy.
4. They show little interest or no in your life outside of their own
5. Your interactions leave you unfulfilled

In every relationship, partners will sometimes experience difficulties that affect their ability to contribute equally to the relationship either personally and that’s OK but when one partner is always contributing more to the relationship, such relationship is heading towards a break up.

You always abandon your plans fit into theirs

If they are always calling the shots on what you’ll do together, where and when especially at their own conveniences without giving in when you try to do the same then, that’s one sided relationship

You always feel nervous about using words like relationship, boyfriend/girlfriend when referring to them.

If you want to be able to introduce this person in a certain way to your friends but you feel worried about scaring them off, then that’s your gut sensing that you’re more interested and invested in them than they are in you, listen to that feeling.

You always give in to their suppressed level of intimacy.

Pay very attention to this signal. They might tell you early on that they have some sort of trouble with intimacy, maybe because they’re scarred from a past experience with a cheating ex or they’re damaged by their parents’ divorce but whatever may be the case, you might want to digest that as a form of intimacy. Please don’t do that. That’s a one sided relationship and they are not worried about losing you over their intimacy issues but want you to be worried about losing them over how you respond to those issues.

They show little or no interest in your life outside of their own.

Some people when they’re excited about someone, don’t pay attention to this sign. In the beginning, they may show an interest in meeting your friends and family but after you’ve been together for a while, they may change to having a continued interest in being around just them and then alone.

Take for instance, it’s their first day at a new job and you cook them a special dinner and buy a bottle of champs to celebrate with them but when it comes to your first day, though, they give you no more than a mere “how was it?” Although a good relationship is never about checks and balances but your partner should be reciprocating the good gestures.

Your interactions with them leave you unfulfilled

The lack of deep emotional connection that comes with your interaction with them leaves you feeling lonely afterward.

Every time spent with your loved ones should energize and fulfill you more often than not but feeling drained, stressed or dissatisfied after seeing your partner is a sign of a one sided relationship.


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