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10 best small businesses to start with little capital in 2021

Maybe you have been looking for the right opportunities to invest your money into with a guaranteed success? then, this article is definitely for you and some other people who are also looking for the 10 best small businesses to start with little capital in 2021.

There are so many entrepreneurs who want to start a business in their own country and search for the most successful small scale in 2021 but all it demands is your effort into searching for the best niche that will satisfy you.

Here are 10 best small scale businesses to start with little capital in 2021 that you can start with small capital and make a profit.

10 best small businesses to start with little capital in 2021

10 best small scale businesses to start with little capital in 2021

1. Livestock farming business
2. Exportation of Agricultural products
3. Local Mining
4. Local private refinery business
5. Tailoring
6. Freelance writer
7. Call center agent
8. Mini-importation
9. Daycare center
10. Recruitment agent

Livestock farming business

In 2021, one of the fastest growing business opportunities is livestock farming business. Livestock farming is one of the best businesses that you can start even in your house backyard. However, just like every other business, this business requires patience, knowledge and experience and some of the best niches in livestock farming areas includes catfish, poultry, cattle grazing, goat rearing and many others.

Exportation of agricultural products

There are various natural resources and quality food that you can start exportation in if you register with the Export Promotion Council of your country. Some of the best exporting products includes cassava flakes, cocoa, yam flour, groundnut, chili pepper, cashew nuts, mango.

Also, you can stay at the local level and sell your products on the territory of your country and earn a good profit.

Local Mining

Some of the minerals like coal, iron ore, limestone, bitumen, and others are fastly growing in 2021 and government also supports the mining industry so, if you have a good and trustworthy team, as well as the financial capabilities, you could try your luck in this sector.

Private refinery business

The refinery sector is becoming very very prominent these days with most of the successful business people being involved in this sector and are making huge money off it.

You could start with a cooking gas retailing company and with time build your business in the oil and gas sector.


If you have passion for sewing and wouldn’t mind doing it for a living, then you should consider the tailoring business, you can start by sewing for Students, schools, corporate organizations whose employees wear uniforms. Approach them for contracts with their organizations and make good money from this business.

Freelance writer

As a freelancer, one may not even need the capital to start with except the skill and desire.

One good thing with this job is, you will not have to go to the office because it can be done at home from your laptop.

High quality contents is in very high demand by companies and this is because it is difficult to find good writers who will sacrifice themselves for this job. I’d recommend this business, if you have a good skill and are good with words.

Call center agency

Call center business is very popular as there are many people who need guidance, advice or want to complain about their Network services.

This business does not require huge startup capital unless you want to hire more workers.

Recruitment agency

Unemployment in 2021 is alarming and there are many people in desperate search for jobs. You can start recruitment business by connecting people to the jobs of their dreams and getting paid for it.

Mini-importation Business

This business is currently one of the fastest growing businesses in 2021, especially cloth importation as people are always in need of new ones especially when they are trendy and at the same time not very expensive.

Importing of clothing can be done from countries like China, India, France, Italy, and many others.

Daycare center

Not every parent can afford to spend time with their child because of the need to work hard to earn enough income to cover their expenses. This is a good business if you love children and are sure that you can care for them.

Daycare businesss demands that you have an environment suitable for children if you want parents to trust you with their kids.

It may interest you to know that among businesses that one can start at home, this small scale business is one of them.

If you have any business that you think we should add to this list of 10 best small businesses to start with little capital in 2021., please let us know and we’ll look into this


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